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IT Manager - Part time

Job Description:

- Maintenance and Expansion of Networks and Servers (Microsoft)

- Office 365 cloud services management

- Hardware support and maintenance

- Working with computer systems (hardware maintenance)

- Working with Linux OS



- Over 3 years of IT work experience

- Remote work on error detection and problem solving 

- Experience in hardware and malfunction detection

- High level English



- Familiarity with Fortigate 

- Knowledge in electronics

- Understanding of blockchain technology

Programmer - full-time

Job Description:

- Computer Vision Development

- Artificial Intelligence Development - DL \ ML



- Over 5 years of programming experience

- Working in a Linux environment

- Full control of languages: Python, C, C ++

- High level English



- Experience working with ROS operating system

- Work experience in electronics

- Experience working with robotics

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Mechanical Engineer - full time

Job Description:

- Characterization of customer needs

- Creating and presenting engineering solutions in mechanical design and leading engineering projects.

- Development of integrated machinery and systems, electromechanical, pneumatic and industrial robotics assemblies.

- Perform full engineering design for projects and preparations for production.

- Managing the project in the mechanical aspect throughout the work process with subcontractors and suppliers in Israel and around the world.



- At least 5 years’ experience as an automation, machinal design and robotics engineer in the industry.

- Experience in machinal design of integrated control and pneumatic machines and systems, - electromechanical assemblies

- Experience in robotics, propulsion, construction and industrial automation.

- Full control of SolidWorks program.

- Good level English.

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Software Engineer - full time

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Job Description:

- Development of autonomous systems

- Interface development

- Design software

- Development, implementation and maintenance of tiny autonomous systems



- Bachelor of Science in Computer Science / Computer Engineering

- At least two years of development experience.

- Control of OOP

- Full control of languages: C, C ++, Java

- Working in a Linux environment

- High level English



- Work experience with Pyhton

- Work experience with Raspberry pi

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